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React configurable animated svg buttons

React SVG buttons This package provides a component used to compose available buttons, it's able to morph from whatever icon type to another one. The component exposes 18 icon types. It also provides
26 August 2017

React SVG Progress Indicator

React SVG Progress Indicator Example React component using ES6 to show the progress of a page load or file upload. codepen demo See the Pen React SVG Progress Indicator by Isaac Suttell (@isuttell)
28 August 2016

Pipeline Funnel (React & SVG Based)

Pipeline Funnel (React & SVG Based) BY Shalabh Vyas A Pipeline visualization inspired by Built using React and SVG. Non-responsive as of now. Please refer to the docs
28 August 2016

Building SVG Icons with React

Building SVG Icons with React BY Brent Jackson How to Create Mathematically-Generated Graphics Using JavaScript and React Tutorial codepen demo See the Pen Building SVG Icons with React by
28 August 2016